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new plans for me!!!

ok.. starting 2morrow-
there is 10 days till alex's party
and 1 month until i go to flordia.
so0o i am fasting indeffiantly for at least the next 10days and hopefully can go on a liquid fast for the next month.
i want to lose 10lbs in the next 10days.... is this possible???
i hope so.
anmd then another 10 before november 19th.
that would be 20lbs in a month... i can do it.
i have to do it!!!
i am way behind where i wanted to be by this time and i need to be at my goal of 98lbs by the time i leave for flordia, so i can look super sexy in my bakini.
=) i can't wait... when everyone sees me, there all be jelous and proud at the same time!!!
also my lazy ass needs to start exercising.. idk what yet, but something!!
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